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Download Reassurance: PE Explorer is Safe to Install

Independently Certified 100% Clean - No Spyware, No Adware and No Viruses!

PE Explorer is safe to install. It does not install any DLLs or any other files in any system folders. Both PE Explorer and its setup file are signed with a Comodo Certificate, one of the most trusted names in digital signatures, so you can always check the authenticity of the files and be assured that the software you are using is the real thing from Heaventools Software. If you see a valid Heaventools digital signature, you know the download is official and the code has not been tampered with.


VirusTotal Safety Score: 100%

There is absolutely no ADWARE or SPYWARE in our products. There is no VIRUSES or TROJANS. As verified in independent testing, official Heaventools products contain no Spyware, Adware or Viruses. You don't even need to take our word for it - Softpedia guarantees it!

Heads-Up: Trojan Allegedly Claims to Be "Made by Heaventools Software"

We have had many people complain that a phony AntiVirus program popped in their computers and wanted them to pay for registry. The program names may vary for example "Security Protection", "Malware Protection", "Spyware Protection", "Spyware Defender", etc. The file properties show that this program allegedly belongs to Heaventools Software.

People who have never visited our website or downloaded anything of our products may think this bizarre situation sounds very plausible: Heaventools is a dumb trojan maker who puts the real contact information in the trojan's Version Information; so they start sending us tons of emails asking how to stop it and how to get rid of this unwanted file.

The truth is, this is a trojan that simply has the spoofed Version Information stolen from our product, PE Explorer. The situation is very similar to email spoofing when the sender address is altered to appear as though the email originated from a different source. The result is that, although the malicious file appears to come from Heaventools Software (as indicated in the Company field found in the Version Information) it actually comes from another source. Neither did we produce that malware, nor have an idea how it got in your system, nor how to get rid of it.

All our files are digitally signed and tested against all known viruses. Any EXE file that claims to be made by Heaventools but has no valid digital signature IS NOT legit and IS NOT the real thing. Heaventools Software is not liable for any damages arising from activity of this trojan. Period.

We are terribly sorry that cyber-criminals made you think we at Heaventools had something to do with that. Heaventools Software is in no way associated, affiliated, sponsored or owned by the malware creators or distributors.